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Air handlers do exactly what they’re named–they circulate heated or cooled air as part of a full HVAC system. They’re an integral part of your HVAC system! These days, sophisticated air handlers are available on the market that use multiple forms of heat energy. When you have a problem with your air handler, need a new one installed, or simply have questions about it, give Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service a call at (317) 881-9536!

How do air handlers work?

Many systems use electric heat strips that act like super-hot ribbons and heat the air. For heating large areas in the commercial establishments, oil and gas furnaces are more popular with the users. Some units may heat a liquid, which further warms up the air using a heat exchanger. Heat pumps and hot water coil are few examples of this technology. Hot water coils use fossil fuel for heating the water whereas geothermal pumps used in the units may use energy from the ground.

In most of the commercial HVAC applications, electrical energy is preferred by the users. The biggest reason for its popularity is that it is very efficient and does not cause as much energy wastage as combustion of various fossil fuels used in the furnaces. Heat is generated in the electrical heaters by passing high voltage electricity through metal resistance strips. As they use lot of energy, proper circuit protection and wiring is crucial. Professionals from Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service will also install fail safe breakers that will immediately shut off in case of overheating or short.

If you are interested in buying a new central air conditioning system or hot air furnace, you should consider a system that uses an ECN (electrically commutated motor) for moving the air. It’s a high efficiency brushless DC motor with a built in inverter. This motor is more efficient than AC motor and is easier to control. Best of all, it will save you tons of money all the time.

Aside from saving you money, the DC motor also makes environment more comfortable. Less noise and better air flow is the biggest benefit of this motor. It maintains its torque at all speeds so you will get best air flow. It has one of the best adjustability, and is easy to control. This ensures right airflow with low noise. Instead of starting off with a great force, this motor starts slowly and builds speed, which makes it difficult to tell when they start.

Remote heating in an air handler uses a special switch to energize a heater as soon as any air flow is detected. This reduces chances of fire and prevents unnecessary air flow from wasting energy. On the other hand, buildings that need heating in specific locations, zone control may result in significant savings.

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