by Zona on June 18, 2017

Reliable Tips For AC Preparation

When you think of the lazy, fun days of summer, chances are you don’t picture your A/C unit breaking down and you sweltering in the heat. It happens commonly; your A/C unit encounters trouble and stops working in the height of the summer heat.

Give yourself peace of mind and take some time to prepare your unit so that it can do its job properly. We’ve put together a handy list of tips for you.

What Should I Set My Thermostat To?

It can be tempting to dial the thermostat way down to blast your home with icy air when it is really hot outside, but that is actually

You are making your system work harder than it should, which is going to cause extra wear and tear and also jack up your energy bills.

As a guideline, setting the temp to 78° F is advisable.

Use additional measures, like ceiling fans to circulate air and keep you cool.

For extra energy savings, consider a programmable thermostat, which is extremely helpful if you are out of the home during the day.

Not only is your home optimally comfortable when you come home, you also aren’t wasting energy.

When Do I Need To Replace My Air Conditioner?

This is a common question that we hear.

A quality A/C unit will last 10 years and in some cases, maybe more.

If you are concerned, it is worthwhile to call for a second opinion.time

Here are some warning signs that suggest you’ll need to replace sooner rather than later:

  • weird noises
  • moisture on or around your unit
  • a bad smell coming from your A/C
  • higher than usual energy bills
  • low air flow
  • inability to cool rooms evenly

The Benefits Of Inspection

Getting an annual inspection done is a small step that can reap big rewards for your A/C.

You will give yourself peace of mind, because during an inspection, the technician will identify any problems which may cause your system to break down in the months ahead.

You can get them fixed now. During an inspection, parts are cleaned, which means that the air will be cooled and distributed more efficiently through your home.

This will help you to be more environmentally friendly as well as help you to save money.

If your system is older, it is even more important to get in this annual habit to prevent problems before they have a chance to develop.

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